We Reduced the Bounce Rate by 19%. Here's how we did it

By Neal - 8/9/2021

When we discovered that the average bounce rate was around 37%, while not awful, especially considering that content sites often have higher bounce rates, we still thought our gaming site still needed improvement. Ultimately, we were able to improve our bounce rate by 19%. Here’s how we did it:.

1. Inspecting the Browsers

One method we used in lowering overall bounce rates was to examine how our site performed across different browsers such as Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Despite the fact that our game site performed well on some browsers, it did not do so well on others. Some of the browsers triggered issues that needed to be resolved. For example, once we fixed how game was rendered in Edge, we saw an improvement in bounce rate.

2. Ensuring Mobile-Friendliness

We examined the readability of our website and checked how it functioned on mobile devices. We also scrutinized it to make sure the display was working properly, and asked if the site was straightforward to read and navigate. Through the process, we found that our horizontal orientation was cut off. Naturally, after fixing this, we save an improvement in our bounce rate.

3. Running Surveys to Improve Website Applications

We gathered feedback on the design of our website by conducting a user poll and analyzed what our users had to say about our Spider Solitaire game.

We found that we were missing key features. In particular, users wanted to know how well they did against others. Did they have one of the best times or the least moves? As a result, we introduced a leaderboard which helped bounce rate.

We also found out that users wanted hints as they played Spider Solitaire. So we built a feature that showed them all their possible moves. This turned out to be a game changer, and reduce bounce rate by another 10%.

By talking to your users, you can find out what friction points they experience when on your site

4. Making Our Site Appealing to Everyone

When we concentrated on improving the design and navigability of our website, we noticed that the bounce rates began to fall. We asked what aspects of the platform would we like to see enhanced if we were a user? Was the information displayed in a clear and understandable manner? We gave both these questions some serious thought, redesigned our navigation and increased the size of the game, and found that this drove a further reduction in bounce.

5. Adding Videos

We found that many users wanted better visuals to learn how to play Spider Solitaire. We created a video on how to play Spider Solitaire and found that this kept new users around longer, especially those who weren’t familiar with the game. Videos are a great way to engage users and educate them about your product.